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Grade 12 Info

Grad Meetings:
Intent to Participate Form 2024 - DUE DATE DEC.1

WD West Studios Graduation Portrait Sessions - A representative from WD West Studios will be in the canyon during lunch Monday, December 4th to Friday, December 8th to book graduation portrait sessions. All sessions will take place in January 2024. Please see the attachments below for more information and hold questions for WD West. Please note that all grade 12s should have their photos taken, even if not intending to purchase photos. "Yearbook only" sessions are free and the photo is needed for the yearbook, diploma, and grad slide show.

UNBC Dual Credit Opportunities
What is TEKX?

A Dual Credit-eligible offering where students in Grade 11 experience four or more different fields of technology, generating interest in and increasing the likelihood of students pursuing an education leading to a career in technology.


Who is it for?

School District 57 students who are going into Grade 11 (meaning students apply in Grade 10). Seats are limited in the TekX Program.


What does it consist of?

a 20-week period of TekX courses; offered in either the Fall or Winter semesters that mirror the high school semester schedule (Sept - Jan; Feb - June). Over this period, five modules are covered. The first four are delivered by CNC and the fifth and final module is delivered by UNBC's Computer Science program (CPSC 127, Introduction to Technology).

Among the modules, four are technology introduction-focused, and one is on soft skills for the tech sector.


How can I learn more?

Join representatives from CNC and UNBC at our upcoming Ask A Recruiter Livestream about the TekX program:

TekX: Ask a Recruiter Livestream

Wednesday, February 21

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM - via CNC's Instagram account


CNC Info and Events
SD83 & BCIT Engineering and Technology Careers Virtual Seminar
Reminder to Grade 12s that they need to change their email in by the end of the school year, to a personal email, if they are currently using a email address.
They can:
Log in (
Click on top right corner (circle with initials)
Click on Account Settings
Change email address
Save changes
This way they can log into after they graduate!






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1. Registering for a BCeID account and accessing the student transcript Service

2. Ordering/Sending a Transcript to a Post Secondary Institution

Provincial Graduation Assessments
The BC Graduation Program includes provincial assessments in the areas of Numeracy and Literacy. These assessments are prepared by the BC Ministry of Education and must be written by all students as a part of their graduation requirements. As these assessments are being phased in over time, the assessments required for graduation will vary slightly depending on students' current grade level. A breakdown of the assessments that are required for all students in grades 10-12 is included at the bottom of this post.
This year, graduation assessments will be written on the following dates:

• Graduation Literacy Assessment 10 (GLA 10) for all grade 10 students (November 1-2, 2023)

• Graduation Literacy Assessment 12 (GLA 12) for all grade 12 students (January 24-25, 2024)

• Graduation French Literacy Assessment 12 ( LTF 12) for all grade 12 FI students (Jan 25, 2024 & June 10, 2024)

• Graduation Numeracy Assessment 10 (GNA 10) for all grade 10 students (April 17-18, 2024)

• Make-up sessions (June12, 2024)
Here are some important things to know about these assessments:
• The GLA 10, GNA 10, LTF 12 (FI Students only), and GLA 12 are requirements for graduation.

• Students are assessed on a four-point proficiency scale: Emerging, Developing, Proficient and Extending

• There is no “pass” or “fail” – students must write the assessments in order to meet the BC graduation requirements. Students will have a chance to rewrite these assessments on future dates to be determined by the Ministry of Education.

• Assessment results are not blended with any subject as was the case with past provincial examinations. The results stand alone on the student’s transcript.
To find out more, including sample Assessments, students can visit:
Literacy 10 Assessment Website
Literacy 12 Assessment Website
French as a Secondary Language Literacy 12 Assessment Website
Numeracy 10 Assessment Website
Practice Assessments
We strongly encourage our students to visit the websites listed above to watch the associated videos and take the sample assessment.

Grade Provincial Assessments Required for Graduation10 - 12 
• Grade 10 Literacy Assessment
• Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment
• Grade 12 Literacy Assessment
• Grade 12 FSL Literacy Assessment